Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Valentine's Day....

Lee Laurie and I went to Porches in Wesson, MS. They open for lunch Monday through Friday and Sunday. They only open at night on special occasions. Lee mentioned that she would like to go and that is the only hint I needed. I called Wednesday and made reservations. It was very beautiful. It is an old Victorian style house. You can go to Lee Laurie's blog, A Southern Rose, to see more pictures. It made my night, seeing the smile on her face, hearing the excitement in her voice, snapping pictures of everything....... The restuarant has a real comfortable feeling.....the feeling a place has or doesn't. The food was delicious.....the employees and other guest was all nice. We met a couple there in the restaurant and after visiting with them, Lee was offered a job....ha.
This is the glass rose trinket box I gave to her for Valentine's. She loves any kind of stuff like this...see the pink rose.

The room where we ate our dinner was probably the old dining room in the house. Our waiter snapped this picture of us. The short door on the left side of the picture, we think is where they kept their china and linen.....back in the day.

These are camellias that Hailey picked for Ms Lee. When we say them, Hailey just had to pick Ms Lee a couple. She is a sweet loving girl......she always thinks of other people.

This little lady dates back to the 60's. She is a little bell......Lee can ring it when she needs me to get her something....when she is blogging.. Don't laugh, she has already used it.....for real. Also, she is holding a pink rose.

This is the small vase that I got for Lee....and yes one of the roses are guessed it, she loves pink and she loves roses. I bought all of these one day when I was "thrifting" on my lunch break. She has taught me so well. She also got a dozen of white roses.
I want to thank Lee Laurie for a wonderful Valentines!!



Thank you for stopping by and sweet comments. You are welcome....Lee Laurie is so sweet. Sound like you both loves each and had a romantic dinner for Valentine. Happy Belated Valentine to both of you. I have been thinking about you and Lee Laurie prayers are with you both...through today and tomorrow. I will be praying for your friend wife and family. I will be visiting both of you. I notice you bothe are from South Mississippi. I live in Laurel, Mississippi. Nice to meet Lee Laurie and you. Thanks for stopping by...Katherinellen


That's is so Beautiful! You and Lee Laurie looks so happy and truely in love. What's a wonderful gifts Lee Laurie recieve. The place looks beautiful! I am happy for both of you...Happy Belated Valentine! I have been thinking about both of you prayers with you both. I will be praying for your friend wife and family. Thank you for your sweet my pleasure to meet you and Lee Laurie. I have notice you both are from South Mississippi....I'm from Laurel, Mississippi. Small world...LOL...Take care of Lee Laurie...Smiles...Katherinellen

Lee Laurie said...

Thank you for the special Valentine night at Porches. It was beautiful. I'm glad that we were there for each other and went even though sad things had happened the night before. I know it helped us both to get away.

Deanna said...

I hope you gave each other lot's of hugs and sugars! You both look so nice.

I hope you are both doing well. Thinking about you always,
Deanna :D

A Stitch In Thyme said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting...

Love your playlist OBVIOUSLY since we seem to have very common taste....

And lucky girl your misses.. she won a lovely gift from rebecca... I wished her congrats on rebecca's... lovely pillow she won.

Nice to see a man who doesn't mind getting his hand dirty in the garden.