Monday, January 26, 2009

The last one.........Ole Blue Boy

Well, all the puppies are gone except Blue. I brought the other ones with me to work this past Friday and gave them all away. I bet there were some happy kids Friday afternoon. This is Baby and Blue hanging out together. We are undecided if we should crop his ears and dock his tail.

Let me know what you think.........cropped ears/dock tail or keep him natural?


Deanna said...

Hi nice of you to visit me at my blog. I was reading your profile and I swear that my husband and I love doing the exact same things...except for making wooden bowls! You should post some pictures of them.

Weight Watchers is working for me and I have been very dedicated to eating good food. OMG..staying away from soda's has been the hardest! I love diet Coke but I've been drinking those sugar free drink mixes that you put in your bottled water. Walking definately is helping. I loathe aerobics, but love to jump rope. I have to wear heavy duty spanx for that though!! LOL

So you have been chosen by that irritating poker girl? Is it gooooood girl? I hate that they do that. They leave messsages still but since I've started moderating the comments, her picture will never appear on my blog again. As far as I'm concerned, goooooood girl can go straight to -(singing Camp Town Races here) "doo da, doo da!"

Oh, BTW, congrats to you on starting your blog! I'll put your blog on my fave's list.

You have a wonderful friend in Lee Laurie. I hope to someday meet her in person.

Blog on Stevie!

Deanna :)

Deanna said...

Oh, I almost forgot...the natural. I know some breeds have their tails docked but I'm such a baby that I just can't bear the thought of it. You know what's best so I'll just be quiet..hee hee hee!

I also listened to portions of every song on your jukebox. I feel like I can get an idea of who you might me blah blah blah....LOL. Some of those songs took me back to my high school days. You have some great songs there buddy! I mean who can top Loretta and Conway??

Deanna :P

Lee Laurie said...

Its kind of sad that they are all gone now. I know that we couldn't keep them all. I'm glad that each one went home to a good family. We even have someone wanting to take 'Blue'!! Garret says 'no way' to that!! 'Baby' looks bad in this picture. I hate that she got hurt. She is such a sweet dog.