Friday, January 23, 2009

Free puppies!!!!!!!

This is the roadside puppy, Baby. Some(I will not call them exactly what I would like to) person threw puppies out by the side of the road in a box. Only two were alive....the others died a very horrible death. She was in such a poor state of health, that I didn't think she would make it. Lee Laurie and my son, Tyler, just had to take her and her brother home. Lee Laurie and Tyler put Vick's salve in their noses to cover the bad odor of the puppies, put on rubber gloves and bathed them. We nursed them back from near death. Then they came down with Parvo, first Spunky passed away and then Baby came down with it. I talked to the vet(a friend of mine) and he said the fee would be $500 with no guarantee. He told us how to treat it and Lee Laurie stayed up all night and day for 2 days giving Baby a teaspoon full of Pepto bismol and a teaspoon of Pedialyte every 30 minutes.........she survived....Baby made it too!!! LOL We said we should call her "Miracle Baby". Well, she grew up and made me a Grandpappy...6 times!! She has been a good little mommy. We are only gonna keep one of them, though. The top picture is me holding the last 4.....the kids named them Blue because he is blue looking, I think his color would be called a blue merle?, Moo because she is black and white like a dairy cow...almost as big as one too, Cookie, she is brown and white with lots of speckles, she would be voted "Most Friendliest", and then Smiley, she is brown and white, when she was first born she had a true smiley face on her back! It has almost gone away completely:-( Well, I brought Moo, Cookie and Smiley to work with me today to try to find them a nice home.....maybe one with children. I know that Garrett and Hailey will miss them, however they will still have Blackdog, Baby, Sassy and Blue to play with. We are getting Baby and Blue fixed. Blackdog is already fixed and Sassy is too old worry about having a boyfriend.


Lee Laurie said...

I remember how scared I was that Baby wasn't going to make it. But she was strong and a fighter and plus she didn't have much of a choice with me giving her medicine every 30 minutes. Remember how sad she looked whenever I would come after her to give her the pepto? I'm so glad that she made it and I hope you are able to find good homes for her puppies. I bet the little lady that took the first one is happy to have him.

nikkicrumpet said...

OH MY they are so adorable! And how wonderful it was you who found them and brought them back to health! I can't imagine anyone being so horrible as to drop off an animal but it happens all the time. When I lived in Utah we were right on the border where the town became miles of farm land...people would drop cats and dogs off out in the middle of the farms...because we were the first house they came to they would end up at our door. Needless to say we took them in and nursed them back to health. At one time we had 21 cats!! We worked hard finding new homes for all the strays and kept the ones we couldn't find homes for. We ran out of friends quickly over the years lol. I hope all your puppies find wonderful homes!