Friday, May 15, 2009

Lee are a Super Star!

This was taken at Chucky Cheese the other night for Garrett's birthday. He had a blast....said this was his best birthday ever!!

This post is for Lee Laurie.......she is a wonderful mother, caring and loving friend, thoughtful....I can't describe in words just how wonderful she is......

She received a big atta girl the other day at work. She exceeded her goal on pre-sales....she reached 240% of her goal. So on top of being a mom, a grandmother, a loving best friend, a person that would go above and beyond to help you, even if it meant putting things she needed or wanted to do second....she excels at work....she has a huge customer base and she is the only one they want to wait on them.

To me....she is a "SUPER STAR!"

I love you, Lee.


Deanna said...

I'm so touched by your tribute to Lee Laurie. You are such a true gentleman buddy and I know how much she means to you. She is just the most wonderful gal I know. She's such a beauty that I'm sure she turns heads quite often!

I wish nothing but good health for you my sweet Southern Rose. I'm always thinking of you and praying that you will always enjoy good health. I know you can always count on Stevie for support....I can't imagine him ever letting you down.

Stevie, you are so like my Marshall. I guess that's why you are such a buddy to me. Your thoughtfulness and caring ways are so evident in your writings and in your gestures towards Lee Laurie. You are both blessed by one another's hearts.

Your friend always,

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Oh that is the sweetest post. See this why us girls hang on to the men we have. We know a good thing.

LL... CONGRATS SWEETIE! What a wonderful way for a work day to go.

Love the picture!!

Lee Laurie said...

Stevie, this is the sweetest post! Thank you so much. Thanks also for taking us to Hattiesburg to Chuckie Cheese's for Garrett's birthday. He had a great time! Thanks for always being there for me. It really means a lot. This song brings back memories from when we were in school!

Lee Laurie